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The Instituto Universitario de Automática e Informática Industrial (Institute ai2) of the Universitat Politècnica de València, in its commitment to multidisciplinary research and innovation in the field of health technology, created in 2014 MEDERI Living Lab (Medical Devices Research & innovation Living Lab). It aims to create a patient-centered innovation environment based on the co-creation with the participation of users, research centers, industry and the administration from the beginning of the creation process of new health technologies and products maximizing technology transfer to society. MEDERI Living Lab complements thus the vision of the Institute ai2 expanding knowledge of the areas of robotics, industrial computing, process control, computer vision and graphics and multimedia computing to applications in health, thus benefiting the health sector with the large experience on the above techniques in the industrial sector thanks to a highly qualified multidisciplinary team work.

After more than 12 years of experience in the area of diabetes technology, the site Tecnodiabetes is born. It consists in a MEDERI Living Lab initiative to bring research and innovation in diabetes technology closer to its main beneficiaries: people living day to day with diabetes. It aims to establish a vehicle for bidirectional communication between people with diabetes and their families, and the researcher. Tecnodiabetes mission is to inform and educate on the latest technological advances for treating diabetes and collect the voice of those people committed to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes.